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Domestic Glazing Contractors London

There are numerous examples where the services offered by a professional glazing contractor can come to the fore when dealing with domestic properties. Here at AWGC we have the expertise to deal with a range of issues regarding glazing London not just with your windows but also for interior features such as glass shelving, tabletops and mirrors. Whatever job you require us for, you can rest assured that we are committed to completing every project to the best of our ability.
Some of the domestic glazing services you can expect to receive include;

Single or Double Glazed Windows
We can fit your home with either single or double glazed windows depending upon your needs and wishes. Alongside being experts in fitting the glass, our skilled team can also fully install the frames so whether you prefer the modern finish of the UPVC frame, the stylish aluminium or the more traditional timber frames we are on hand to fit every aspect of your windows to the highest standard.

Replacement Glass
Should your home have been unfortunate enough to fall victim to vandalism or burglary that has led to the glass in your windows or doors being smashed, our emergency replacement option can ensure the job is completed swiftly to restore an adequate level of security to your home. We will replace the broken glass with the same style so there is no adverse effect on the overall appearance at the same time as checking any locks to guarantee we leave your property in a more secure state than it was on arrival.

Interior Features
Cracking or smashing the glass on your favourite coffee table or mirror doesn’t mean that you have to throw it away. Here at AWGC we can replace the glass so you can once again get full use out of the piece in addition to restoring it to its former glory.

For a reliable glazing contractor to work on various areas of your domestic property, we at AWGC have a wealth of experience ready to put to use on numerous projects requiring top quality glazing London.


All Your Glazing Needs:

  • Single and double-glazing
  • Safety and toughen glass
  • UPVC, aluminium and timber frames
  • Leaded lights and stained glass
  • Frame and glazing repairs
  • Mirrors, table tops and shelves
  • Horticultural
  • Door services
  • Full lock service/locksmith
  • Bomb films
  • Solar protective films

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